Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is a process of seeking out, encouraging, and walking with those who desire to learn more about the Catholic Faith. It is a journey of faith that we walk together. The “we” includes the members of the RCIA Team and the inquirers, those who have decided to COME AND SEE. Initially there is no commitment.

People are free to Come and See…Come and Stay…Or to Come and Go.

There are four stages on this Journey . . .

  1. INQUIRY: People who are simply looking, listening, and asking questions
  2. CATECHUMENATE: People who have decided to stay on for more serious involvement with the process
  3. RITE OF ELECTION: People who have decided to stay on for the rest of the journey with a view to becoming Catholic
  4. MYSTAGOGY: After the reception in to the Catholic faith, the new members, Neophytes, continue to work with RCIA Team members for weekly sessions over seven weeks for a Deepening of their faith.

There are three retreats planned as part of this Journey of Faith. Each one happens at the intersection of the stages.

  1. A retreat prior to entering the Catechumenate
  2. A retreat prior to the Rite of Election
  3. A retreat immediately proceeding the Profession of Faith as a Catholic which usually happens on the Sunday before Easter

At the parish of Saint Patrick in Kennett Square, PA, the RCIA process is directed by our Priests and a team of parishioners who are dedicated to their ministry of welcoming new people, sharing their own faith stories, as well as the gospel message and creatively adding the dimension of community to the weekly RCIA sessions.

If you would like to COME AND SEE and perhaps journey with us to a new and deeper love of Jesus, then pick up your phone and dial 610-444-4364.