Survey Results

My Dear Parishioners,

Greetings to you! This past Lent, our parish participated in the Disciple Maker Index (DMI) Survey issued by Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI) of Malvern. The purpose of this survey was to provide us with a snapshot of our parish family vis-a-vis faith. I am grateful to the 450 parishioners who participated in the survey. And now, I am excited to share the findings.

In April, we formed a team to help student the results of the survey and to develop a plan moving forward. In addition to myself, members of the team are: Marie Elliot, our Business Manager; Marianne Kane, our Director of Religious Education; Pastoral Council members, Anne Marie Gillinger, Mike Weber, Meghan Cascarelli; Parishioners, Brian Eyre and Rose Hearn.

In May, we attended a Consultation Session facilitated by the CLI. The purpose of this meeting was to help us understand the results of the survey, to learn from the responses and to develop the basis for an action plan.

This Summer, our Survey Team met twice and we are happy to share the following Action Plan:

  • A Summary Report of Key Strengths and Areas of Focus (click here and see page 2)
  • A full report of parish survey results (click here to view)
  • A Town Hall Meeting will be held on September 19 to share thoughts and to pray about our next steps
  • A meeting with Parish Ministry heads to help align all according to our Mission
  • Suggestion boxes will be placed in the rear of the church, in the parish office, and online (see form below), that you will be able to use to share your ideas to help our parish grow.

As Fall gets underway, more information will be shared and we welcome continued feedback. Please feel free to reach out to members of this group or myself to share your thoughts or suggestions. Their contact information is listed below.

Fr. Christopher B. Rogers

Disciple Maker Index Survey – Suggestion Box

Possible topics for your suggestions: The Liturgy (i.e. hymns, homilies); Parish Life (i.e. ministries, hospitality); Discipleship (i.e. faith sharing); CONTACT INFORMATION REQUESTED BUT NOT REQUIRED.

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Survey Committee Contact Info

Fr. Rogers Marie Elliot Marianne Kane Anne Marie Gillinger
Mike Weber Meghan Cascarelli Brian Eyre Rose Hearn