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Stained Glass Windows

Information taken from the August 14, 1908, edition of the local paper where there appeared a very elaborate description of the new church.

When parishioners attended the first Mass in their new church on August 8, 1908, they were presented with the most elegant stained glass windows imported from Munich, Germany. These windows still inspire parishioners and visitors to our parish as they did almost 100 years ago. There are five stained glass windows on either side of the church and one splendid triple window facing out on Meredith St.

The Christ Child
The Christ Child

The Rev. Father John H. O'Donel, who was the pastor responsible for building the church, chose the subjects of the windows. The windows are exceptionally beautiful. A most inspiring work of art is the Christ Child in his foster father's carpenter shop. His little hand is on a sharp edged tool but his gaze is beyond the material surroundings to more spiritual thoughts.
St. Matthew
St. Matthew
St. John
St. John

The Four Evangelists, two on either side of the main entrance, stand as guards. The symbol of each saint is depicted in the window. St. Matthew is with an angel, and St. Mark is with a lion showing a nimbus (halo) and wings. Lying at the feet of St. Luke is an ox, a symbol of patience and service. St. John is flanked by an eagle, symbolizing the spread of the Gospel.
St. Joseph
St. Joseph
St. Agnes
St. Agnes
The Blessed Virgin
The Blessed Virgin

The other windows show St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, exquisitely beautiful in countenance, holding lilies, a symbol of purity. Also shown are St. Patrick, patron of our church; St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland in the eleventh century; and St. Agnes, the lovely Roman martyr, holding the lamb to her bosom. The Blessed Virgin is holding her infant Son, Jesus. In the front of the church is the great window, in soft delicate tones. Unlike the other windows, this window was originally from New York.

A small lancet window is of the richest old English cathedral glass and depicts the Holy Eucharist. It can be viewed from outside at the rear of the church.

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